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Biology laboratory equipment

Biology laboratory equipment that is fixed in all laboratories and equipment that is customized according to a specific laboratory.
Laboratory consumables, reagents, test tubes and laboratory equipment – biological hood, autoclave , bonza, heating equipment such as pallet, shaker, balance, biological microscope, cooling systems: freezer, refrigerator, cryogenic tank, cold storage systems liquid purification – pipette, centrifuge, peristaltic pump and analyzer…

The research laboratory is a unique and very sensitive environment. Tests are scheduled at any time. The experimental and research equipment used by the researcher must be of high quality, professional, sensitive and carefully calibrated. which will give the maximum and optimal response to its needs  . For biology laboratory equipment  to be useful for testing, it must work properly and be properly calibrated.

It is very important that the laboratory can always provide quality services suitable for research and testing purposes. Biological laboratory equipment is effective in achieving reliable and safe results. Biological equipment for the laboratory is expressed in sensitive and unique technological equipment, models of various biological systems and furniture according to the nature and size of the laboratory.
Biology is the science of life, the study of living organisms and their vital processes. Modern biology is essential for all areas of our life: environment, study of human genome, medicine, medicine and medical equipment, agriculture, industry, education and law. Research has always been a key component of laboratory medicine. Now that humans number over 10 billion, biological research is more important than ever.

Biology research and study

You can learn and research about life from the molecular to the organismal level. All organisms share a certain biology. For example, different methods of reproduction, cell division and transfer of genetic material.
Life science research provides important insights into disease processes, better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases.
It enables the development of new treatments and innovative medical devices. Also, medical research makes it possible to understand the normal physiology and pathophysiology of diseases. Diagnosis and management of diseases in the population.

Types of laboratories that use biology laboratory equipment

  • The technology and techniques of the devices are better and more accurate. The choice of laboratory equipment and supplies is important and directly affects the results obtained and their reliability. Therefore, according to the level of risk, the nature of the work and the work environment, you should choose the specific laboratory equipment and supplies that you need!

     Research and development laboratories

  • Clinical laboratories
  • Biological laboratories
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Biochemistry laboratories
  • Biotechnology laboratories
  • Medical laboratories (clinical)
  • Genomic laboratories
  • Sterile laboratories
  • Analytical laboratories
  • QC laboratories (internal / external quality control, laboratories)
  • Calibration laboratories
  • University laboratories
  • Government laboratories and private laboratories

Considerations for purchasing biology laboratory equipment

Buying new equipment from the manufacturer requires a large upfront payment, but ensures that you have the highest quality equipment on the market. While new equipment has a lower chance of failure, future maintenance and repair costs or service contracts add to these costs.

Compared to buying new and used equipment, it can help you save a significant amount of money. But, you still have to deal with maintenance. If the device you just bought starts to malfunction after a short period of time, then you will spend more money. For a lab on a budget, it can be a big risk.


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