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Packaging laboratory equipment and supplies and packing laboratory chemicals

Daneshvar Shimi Company is an importer of packing and packing laboratory equipment and packing and packing laboratory supplies and chemicals for packing and packing laboratory. Food Laboratories of milk and dairy factories are equipped by this company.

تجهیزات آزمایشگاه بسته بندی و پک

Laboratory equipment for packing and packing

  1. Water vapor permeation testing device

  2. Gas passage testing device

  3. Sewing and seam testing machine

  4. Friction coefficient testing machine

  5. Rupture tester (Almendrov)

  6. Automatic video blower

  7. Package leak testing machine

packaging laboratory equipment-تجهیزات آزمایشگاه بسته بندی و پک

Laboratory supplies packing and packing

  1. Packaging vacuum testing machine

  2. Shrink test machine

  3. Mullen burst testing machine

  4. Crash test device

  5. Bottle burst testing machine

  6. Torque meter

  7. Pressure testing machine
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