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Food Industry Laboratory Equipment - Food Industry Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals Laboratory

Daneshvar Shimi Company is the largest importer of food industry laboratory equipment and supplies of food industry and chemical laboratory of food industry laboratory. Daneshvar Shimi Company is ready to equip various laboratories by providing laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment and chemicals from top European and American brands. Food and Drug Laboratories of the Ministry of Health, Laboratories of Standard Offices, Laboratories of Food Research Laboratories, Laboratories of Beverage and Beverage Factories, Laboratories of Pasta and Cake and Flour Factories, Sausage and Sausage Production Laboratories and Milk and Dairy Factories are equipped by this company.


Milk and dairy laboratory equipment

  1. Milwaukee Milk Atvanizer
  2. Chryscope for water added to milk
  3. Milk centrifuge
  4. Milk and dairy fraud detection device
  5. Milk butyrometer, cream butyrometer, cheese butyrometer
  6. Automatic digestion and distillation
  7. Automatic Soxhlet – Fat Measurement
  8. Automatic and ocular refractometer
  9. Automatic and ocular polarimeter
  10. Incubator
  11. Laboratory Oven
  12. Microbial hood
  13. Chemical hood
Food Industry Laboratory Equipment -تجهیزات آزمایشگاه صنایع غذایی

Laboratory equipment for flour, cereals and animal feed

  1. Flour and cereal atonizer

  2. Gluten Index and Gluten Washer
  3. Falling number
  4. Grain mill
  5. Flour and cereal hygrometer
  6. Ash kiln
  7. Farinograph
  8. Amylograph
  9. Extensograph
  10. Seed count (thousand seeds counted)
  11. Cereal Bamboo
  12. Shaker sift flour and cereal
  13. And attractiveness
تجهیزات آزمایشگاه قند و شکر ، شکلات و عسل

Laboratory equipment for sugar, chocolate and honey

  1. Tala meter
  2. Sacharoflex (Saccharimeter)
  3. Refinometer
  4. Sugar solution colorimeter
  5. Polarimeter for sugar
  6. Honey refractometer
  7. UV Spectrophotometer Vis
  8. Distilled water
  9. Magnetic stirrer
  10. optical microscope
  11. PH meter
  12. Refrigerated incubator
  13. Digital autoclave
تجهیزات آزمایشگاه نوشیدنی ها و آب میوه

Laboratory equipment for beverages and juices

  1. Beverage colorimeter

  2. Carbonated drinks and beverages
  3. Refractometer
  4. Polarimeter
  5. Viscometer
  6. PH meter
  7. EC meters and TDS meters
  8. hydrometer
  9. Film photometer
  10. Atomic absorption (atomic absorption)
  11. GC gas chromatograph
  12. Orsat
  13. In-bottle pressure gauge
تجهیزات آزمایشگاه روغن خوراکی ،کره و فراورده ها

Laboratory equipment for edible oils, butter and products

  1. Refractometer

  2. Edible oil colorimeter
  3. Rancimat
  4. NMR oil
  5. melting point
  6. Viscometer
  7. Incubator
  8. Ben Marie Boils

  9. Hardness Tester
  10. Incubator
  11. Laboratory Oven
  12. Gas Chromatograph (GC)
  13. Atomic absorption (atomic absorption)
تجهیزات آزمایشگاه گوشت و سوسیس و کالباس

Laboratory equipment for meat, sausages and hot dogs

  1. Digestion and distillation to measure protein

  2. Automatic Soxhlet device for measuring fat

  3. Raw fiber device for measuring raw fiber of meat and products

  4. Ash kiln

  5. Hygrometer of meat and products

  6. PH of meat

  7. Meat salinity meter

  8. spectrophotometer

  9. HPLC Liquid Chromatography

  10. Incubator

  11. Laboratory Oven

  12. Microbial hood
  13. Chemical hood

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