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Agricultural laboratory equipment - Agricultural laboratory equipment - Botanical laboratory equipment

Daneshvar Shimi Company is an importer of agricultural laboratory equipment and equipment of agricultural and botanical laboratory and chemicals of agricultural and botanical laboratory. Azad University agricultural faculties are equipped by this company.

دستگاه های آزمایشگاه کشاورزی

Botanical laboratory equipment

  1. Photosynthesis Meter – Measurement of plant leaf photosynthesis
  2. Portable Chlorophyll Meter – Measurement of plant leaf chlorophyll
  3. Chlorophyll fluorescence
  4. Leaf Area Level Area Meter
  5. Prometer – Measurement of plant leaf hole conduction
  6. PAR photosynthetic radiometer
  7. Plant leaf water bomb (leaf hygrometer)
  8. Plant growth chamber (grass chamber)
  9. Optical microscope and invert microscope
  10. Stereomicroscope
  11. Plant extractant
  12. Evolutionary measurement of oxygen for cell respiration and photosynthesis
  13. Rotary Operator (Vacuum Distillation)
Agricultural laboratory equipment-تجهیزات آزمایشگاه گیاه پزشکی

Plant protection laboratory equipment

  1. Biophotometer

  2. Vertical electrophoresis and horizontal electrophoresis
  3. Thermocycler PCR
  4. Trans Illuminator
  5. Gel Dock
  6. Fixed incubator and shaker incubator
  7. High speed centrifuge and microcentrifuge and refrigerated centrifuge
  8. Optical microscope and stereomicroscope
  9. Laboratory freezer
  10. Autoclave (sterilizer)
  11. Pipettes and micropipettes, samplers and manual ports and automatic ports
  12. Vertex mixer and stirrer
  13. Hot plate and heater style
تجهیزات آزمایشگاه کشاورزی

Agricultural laboratory equipment and soil laboratory

  1. If soil and soil sampler
  2. Soil Moisture Meter
  3. Soil salinity meter
  4. Multi-parameter soil
  5. Mansell soil color booklet
  6. Soil extractor
  7. Soil mixer (soil homogenizer)
  8. Soil pH
  9. Soil pentrometer (soil permeability test)
  10. Soil tensiometer
  11. Double soil rim (double rim)
  12. Golf soil permeability test
  13. Soil hydrometer (soil density gauge)
تجهیزات آزمایشگاه خاک و سنگ

Soil and rock laboratory equipment

  1. Shaker sieve soil

  2. Soil lathe
  3. Sample in soil
  4. Direct soil cutting machine
  5. Soil permeability Drop load and constant load
  6. Soil flow limiting device by cone penetration method
  7. Automatic electric soil compaction hammer
  8. Pinhole device for soil divergence testing
  9. Soil electric axial device
  10. Stone mill
  11. Jaw Crusher
  12. Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
  13. Simultaneous consolidation device of triaxial cells
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