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Paint and Resin Lab Equipment - Paint and Resin Lab Supplies and Chemicals Paint and Resin Lab

Daneshvar Shimi Company is an importer of paint and resin laboratory equipment, paint and resin laboratory equipment and paint and resin laboratory chemicals. The laboratories of standard offices, laboratories of paint institutes, laboratories of paint factories, laboratories of resin factories, paint laboratories of car factories are equipped by this company.

تجهیزات آزمایشگاه رنگ و رزین

Paint and resin laboratory equipment

  1. Paint thickness gauge, plating and coating
  2. Ultrasonic thickness gauge
  3. Destructive thickness gauge
  4. Roller thickness gauge
  5. More film thickness gauge
  6. Variable Ford Cup
  7. Two-groove grinder
  8. Adhesion test (cross cut)
  9. Aluminum pycnometer
  10. Cuping test (cup test)
  11. Pencil hardness tester with 16 types of pencils
  12. Pen hardness tester with three springs
  13. Digital automatic pendulum hardness tester with pendulum
Paint and resin laboratory equipment-تجهیزات آزمایشگاه رنگ و رزین

Paint and resin laboratory equipment

  1. Glossmeters 60 and 20, 45, 60 degrees
  2. Colorimeter device
  3. Spray salt with different volumes
  4. Krebs viscometer
  5. Dew point of the surface
  6. Color impact test with weights
  7. Impact test and bending test (mandrel)
  8. Types of applicators (filmmakers)
  9. Color matching cabin
  10. Holiday detector 30 kW
  11. Single-angle glossmeter 60 degrees
  12. Glossometer three angles 20, 60 and 85
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