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automatic film applicator 

One of the laboratory equipment is the automatic film applicator which is a reliable base for applying coated films to test blueprints (Max size 515300300mm / 20.28 11.11.81 inch), sheets or foils uniformly and repeatedly in order to provide the elimination of changes due to human factors.

Automatic film applicator - automatic film applicator

Changes in speed, pressure, and direction of traction cause irregularities. Other factors that may affect the result are the shear rate and the weight of the machine. These variables are stabilized using  an automatic video rod  .

Over the entire surface, the thickness of the film is uniform. Generated samples can be duplicated using an automatic film machine. It is possible to generate a large number of similar micro-lab droplets in a short period of time.

Rheological Characteristics of  Automatic Film Applicator

The quality of the applied automatic film applicator is   important for researching the rheological properties of the applied media. Tool  film application automation is  necessary for the preparation of samples for testing rheological properties and corrosion resistance and hidden strength and luster. There are several types of automatic film applicators available for glass/paper/metal or foil substrates.

Block and Screw Applications of Automatic Film Applicator 

Depending on the configuration chosen, all models can be used with traditional block film collectors such as bird/baker models, or spiral film tape applicators (coil rod type).

 Unique automatic video application interface 

Every “standard” auto video app is   equipped with a Triple I Appzar navigation tool. Triple I stands for Intelligent Lighting Interface. This unique navigation tool guides the operator through the interface of the TQC Sheen Laboratory instrument. At each step of the function menu, the user interface detects the active buttons and displays them with a bright red center. This results in a very intuitive operating system that enhances the information on the device screen.

Standard Automatic Video Rod 

The standard automatic application of the film with a heated vacuum bed has an internal heating part, which causes the table temperature to rise to +100 ° C above the ambient temperature. The powerful heating device ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the vacuum plate. The temperature is set and controlled with the Triple I navigation tool.

Types of automatic video tools 

Product production

Automatic film application standard (glass bed)
Product productionAutomatic Film Application Standard (Perforated Vacuum Bed))
Product productionAB4320 Standard Automatic Film Application (Two Channel Vacuum Flatbed)
Product productionAB4420 Automatic Film Application Standard (Combined, No Flat) * * Although not included, both flat, perforated and duplex glass…
Product productionAutomatic Film Application Standard (Heated Perforated Vacuum Bed – 230VAC)
Product productionStandard Automatic Film Purifier (Heated Perforated Vacuum Bed – 115VAC)


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