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Thickness gauge

Thickness ( Thickness gauge ) of laboratory equipment for measuring the thickness of leather, paper, felt, rubber, metal, foil, plywood, cardboard, foam and other items. Thickness gauges are available as portable thickness gauges, textile mills or desktop units.

One foot changes the thickness gauge designed for manual use to a thickness gauge for desk operation. Measurements are made with self-closing thickness gauges at defined pressure, while self-thickness gauges are operated by pressing the piston.

The basic criterion for selecting the appropriate thickness gauge is the shape of the capacitor, which varies according to the material being measured. Other criteria for selecting thickness gauges are accuracy, measuring range and depth.

Special editions of thickness gauges are suitable for measuring thin materials such as foil due to their high resolution due to their design for measuring the thickness of running materials or pipe walls.

In addition, there are thickness gauges for measuring thickness in accordance with DIN, EN and ISO standards or transferring data to a computer for evaluation.

Among the types of thickness gauges, gauges or colorimeter products used to measure non-destructive non-magnetic coating, insulation layer and dry film thickness (DFT) on ferrous metals and / or non-ferrous  substrates such as steel and aluminum. Explore accurate and cost-effective thickness gauges, select coating thickness gauges, surface testers and film gauges used to inspect vehicle paint, test materials and produce quality control programs.

Thickness gauge is an essential tool for quality assurance when anodizing, galvanizing and applying zinc coatings on metal surfaces. Thickness gauges are also used to measure the thickness and uniformity of body paint in pre-owned vehicles, detect stained spots, detect hidden damage, and detect unknown crashes.

 This information is important when determining the true value of a used machine. In addition, certain types of thickness gauges can measure wall thickness and determine the hardness of metals, plastics and glass.

To measure the thickness of a powder coating, a good rule of thumb is to use a magnetic or vortex thickness gauge on powder coated metal surfaces. Use an ultrasonic thickness gauge for non-metallic powder coated layers such as plastic and wood.

Types of thickness gauges with specifications

Thickness gauge for fabric, paper, leather according to DIN and ASTM
Jaw depth: 40… 160 mm
Measuring range: 10.25 or 50 mm
Resolution: 0.01 over 0.001 mm
desktop device
Thickness gauge for fabric, paper, leather according to DIN and ASTM
Fabric, leather, fleece thickness gauge similar to DIN standards
Jaw depth: 50… 500 mm
Measuring range: 10 or 25 mm 0.4 or 1 inch
Resolution: 0.01 mm
Fabric, leather, fleece thickness gauges similar to DIN standards
Thickness gauge for foil and other thin materials
Jaw depth: 30 mm
Measuring range: 1 mm or
3 mm / 0.12 inch
Resolution: 0.001 mm / 0.00005 inch
analog or digital
Thickness gauge for foil and other thin materials
Analog thickness gauge
Jaw depth: 15… 650 mm
Measuring range: 10… 100 mm
Resolution: 0.1 mm or 0.01 mm
Thickness gauge
Digital device
Jaw thickness : 40… 500 mm
Measuring range: 10… 75 mm
0.4… 4 inches
Image resolution: 0.01 mm / 0.001 mm
0.001 / 0.00005 inches
Digital thickness device
Tube wall thickness measuring devices
Jaw depth: 50 mm
Measuring range: 10 mm / 0.4 inches
Resolution: 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inches
analog or digital
Pipe wall thickness measuring devices
Tools for measuring the thickness of wires, tapes, etc.
Jaw depth: 50 mm
Measuring range: 5 mm or 12.5 mm / 0.5 inch
Image resolution: from 0.001 mm / 0.0001 inch
analog or digital
Tools for measuring the thickness of wires, tapes and so on


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