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Krebs viscometer

Krebs Viscometer is a laboratory equipment that according to the conventional KREBS method, using a rotating paddle with weight for color viscosity viscosity at 200 rpm, this Krebs Digital (480) digital viscometer provides automatic motor performance without weights and pulleys. Slow and allows direct reading in KU.


ویسکومتر کربس - Krebs viscometer

(Krebs unit), mPa.s (cP) or g (g). The conversion between these units is automatically calculated by the microprocessor and displayed upon request. Sturdy structure allows use in production or laboratory environment.

Single or continuous reading in KU, mPa.s (cP), overheating
Simple installation of rotor spindle in quick release
slot Easy cleaning
Safety height sensor prevents rotor rotation up to the top of the box
Possibility of multi-point calibration by the user with Optional
memory key for 9 readings of
RS232 serial interface with printer

ویسکومتر کربس

Features and Benefits of Krebs Viscometer

  • Continuous measurement and display in Krebs units, hot and cold.
  • Magnetic spindle connection
  • Rapid sample measurement allows to determine the required consistency.
  • Digital LED display: Krebs (higher resolution at 0.1 KU increase), Gram (at 1g increase) and Centipoise (cP) units.
  • Wide measurement range (40 to 141 KU; 32 to 1099 g; 27 to 5274 cP).
  • Accuracy ± 1 of the full scale range.
    Ability to repeat ± 0.5 of the full scale range.
  • Easy to use; No weight; Simplifies a proven testing method
    Compliant with industry specifications (ASTM D562).
    The base has standard cans of paint,. Paint and quart.
    The optional dough spindle is suitable for use with high-consistency materials such as roller mill pastes.
    NIST traceable viscosity standards are available.

 Application of Krebs viscometer

Paints and coatings

How does the Krebs viscometer work?

Samples are stored in standard paint industry cans held by a device on a viscometer stand. The can is filled to 3/4 inch (20 mm) from the top. The working lever of the KU-3 has two positions:
up: fixed spindle, turn off the engine
down: spindle rotation; The sample
reading reading displayed can be held by pressing the HOLD key at any time. Using a viscometer in the HOLD configuration, the display may be changed to compare the Krebs (KU) unit reading with the corresponding gram (gm) reading and polyphony.

The viscosity standards of Brookfield oil can be traced in Krebs units and are recommended to confirm the calibration of the KU-3 viscometer.

 What does a Krebs viscometer include?

Kinds Spindle
Communication Port Tool for Printer
Adapter for Paint and Half Paint Cans

Technical specifications of Krebs viscometer

Range: 40-141 KU
32-1,099 g
27-5,274 cP *
Accuracy: ± 1 of the full range
Reproducibility: ± 0.5 of the full scale range
Rowing speed: 200 rpm ± 0.1 rpm
Weight Net: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
Gross weight: 22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)
Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 17 inches – Carton
Working environment: 0 ° C (32 ° F) to 40 ° C (104 ° F)
0 ٪ – 80% RH .: Non-dense atmosphere
Input protection: IP20

Krebs viscometer accessories

Part Number Description
– Krebs Standard Spindle – Gluing
– Can Support Plug-in Locations
– Container Support Sample for 600ml Glass Cup (20.3fl.oz.) or 1 Module
– Sample Container Support for ½ Pint ( USA) Can
– 600ml glass (20.3fl.oz.)

Krebs standard viscosity calibration oils

Krebs (KU) Centipoise (cP) Certificate Description Part Number
– Krebs Calibration Oil: S200 64 400 •
– Krebs Calibration Oil: N350 79 750 •
– Krebs Calibration Oil: N400 84 940 •
– Krebs Calibration Oil: S600 95 1400 •
– Krebs Calibration Oil: N1000 115 2600 •
Packing list provided in 500 ml bottles (1 module) with calibration certificate and accurate up to ± 1 values ​​of declared viscosity values


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