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Soxhlet automatic lipid measuring device

Destiny Suxleh is not?

SoxtecTM 8000 Automatic Soxhlet machine. Where will your darai message system be used? Destaha sukçalık system Hushmand, Asan, in the opinion of his benefit, and confined to the opinion of the central halal size and a spectrum, which are imported by the side supplies of the radar kkar in the name of Ayman and the mother, the inclusion of the Maykend.

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سوکسله چیست؟- Soxhlet

Its growth

Synthesized behold

Raw materials, intermediates and final products in food, animal feed and pet foodCrude or free fat


Dedicated solutions for Soxhlet device analysis

راه حل های اختصاصی برای تحلیل دستگاه سوکسله


Boiling: Rapid dissolution in boiling solvent.

Washing: Effective removal of residual solutes.

Improvement: Automatic collection of distilled solvent for reuse.

Automatic shutdown: The system closes and the cups are removed from the hot plate.

Soxhlet extraction process

The Soxtec xt 8000 Extraction Unit is a fully automated system for the rapid and safe extraction of soluble materials from a wide range of matrices.

It performs these four extraction steps, boiling, rinsing, solvent recovery and automatic shut-off, completely without care. Just get started.

Once the sample has been loaded, the solvent is added to a closed and safe system 1. The solvent is automatically recovered and minimizes solvent vapors that ensure a safe working environment. Built-in water control minimizes water consumption.

The automatic shut-off feature allows after-hours work, allowing for high output. In the fourth step, the sample is removed from the hot plate and the risk of dry oxidation of the weld is eliminated.

As a Soxtec ™ 8000 user, you can easily design and optimize the amount of crude fat in your food.

The standard model has six parts, can be expanded to 12 parts at any time. If less than one complete handle is executed, all situations can be turned off separately. Soxtec ™ 8000 can withstand a sample size of up to 3 grams (crude fat).

The standard × 33 × 80 mm is used), and its high temperature range with integrated over-temperature protection, safe and effective use of high boiling point solvents, such as toluene and xylene, or low boiling point solvents such as section Makes oil production possible.

In addition, sample adapters and adapter holders are made of PFA, which allows qualitative analysis of the extract using GC or GC / MS and so on.

For quantitative and weight analysis, most users prefer aluminum extraction cups. These aluminum cups are unbreakable and offer fast heat transfer, which in turn reduces heating, cooling and drying times.

The control unit can control up to 12 positions simultaneously using a simple visual program. The status of the samples can be checked at any time with monitoring screens and countdown indicators.

The solvent distributor aligns with the unique sample positions by rotating the dial plate in the proper position, thus preventing it from working with the solvent.

1. Compared to the classic Soxhlet, the Soxtec system uses significantly less solvent. In addition, efficient solvent recovery allows the solvent to be reused to reduce solvent costs.

Video tutorial on working with Soxhlet device

Advantages of automatic soxhlet machine

Soxtec ™ 8000 Crude Fat solution helps you to respond quickly to your customers’ demands.
With a six-position extraction system (expandable up to 12), increasing capacity according to customer needs is easy. If less than one complete handle is executed, all situations can be turned off separately. In addition, one control unit can control two extraction units. A wide range of accessories to suit your individual needs.
Fast and safe: The Soxtec ™ 8000 is usually five times faster than the classic Soxhlet method. At the same time, Soxtec. 8000 follows officially approved methods for dietary fat (AOAC, ISO) and meat (AOAC). It is designed and built to exceed stringent safety standards. Batch tools save time, simplify use, and minimize the risk of operator error.
Automatic switch-off allows for overtime work, allowing up to seven batches per day. With a 12-position system, this amounts to 14 batches or 84 samples per day (depending on usage). This high capacity improves your overall power.
Safe and consistent dosage: Anyone working in the laboratory can precisely control the solvent dose. This system is added to a secure, closed system using an intelligent solvent distribution selector that places solvent additive tubes in individual sample positions. This prevents the solvent
Management and possible human error. Because it is an enclosed system, the operator will not be exposed to solvent gases when adding solvents to the glasses before extraction.
For total fat analysis, the extraction unit can be used as part of the integrated FOSS method. This unit consists of an extraction unit, a hydrolysis unit and a single-filter FOSS HydroCap system that works in both units. This system allows you to perform acid hydrolysis and solvent extraction in an integrated manner. Sample transfer is avoided, laboratory costs are dramatically reduced, and higher sample performance improves your response time.


Application of Soxhlet device

Soxtec M systems
• AOAC 2003.05 & 2003.06 Crude fat in feed, cereals and cereals (extraction methods of diethyl ether and hexane)
AOAC 991.36 Fat (raw) in meat and meat products
ISO 1444: 1996 Meat and meat products
– Determination of free fat content
• EN ISO 11085: 2008 Cereals, cereals and animal feed products – Determination of raw materials and
Total fat content by Randall extraction method
• EN ISO 6492: 1999 Animal food – fat analysis
Soxtec systems
Solvent extraction systems for the safe determination of soluble materials in food, feed, soil, polymers, textiles, pulp and so on. Whatever solvent extraction you need, you can find the right solution.


Soxhlet device parts

Solvent extraction:
Soxtec M 8000 6-mode extraction system, 230V or 120V includes a base unit Soxtec M 8000, a control unit and 1 set of accessories.

SoxtecTM 8000 12-Position Extract System, 230V or 120V includes two SoxtecTM 8000 Basic units, a control unit and 2 sets of accessories.

Accessories set includes:
• 1 set of Soxhlet extraction cup 6 / set
• 1 set of condenser seals
• 1 base
• 1 set of Thimble 6 adapter / set
• 1 cellulose set 33 mm single thickness 25 pcs / set
• Connection tool
• Finger support
• Cup holder
• Cup base
• Cup tool
• cotton
• Solvent collecting tube
• Solvent recovery flask
• Owners Guide
• App notes
• User guide
• Quick guide
• Spare parts manual

For the accessory set, the following parts are selectable: Selection of extraction cups:
• Aluminum cups
• Glass cups, standard
• Small glass cups
• Glass cups, large

Condenser seal selection (solvent dependent):
• Viton / Butyl 6 / set condenser seal
• Condenser seal Resel 6 / set
• Polyurethane condenser seal 6 / set

Optional accessories:
• Heating insulation for glass cups, 3 different sizes (large, standard and small)
• Special pliers
• Solvent dispenser
• Recovery flask

Important points in maintaining the Soxhlet device

As with any laboratory equipment, it is essential that your FOSS Soxhlet machine receives regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longer life. Avoiding low-cost breakdown is in compliance with factory standards and preventive replacement of parts before wear. In turn, this helps to ensure reliable and consistent results at the highest level.

Technical specifications of Soxhlet device



Dimensions (W x D x H)

Extraction unit: 640 350 350 6 630 mm

Control unit: 280 200 200 190 190 mm


Extraction unit: 35 kg Control unit: 4 kg

Power rating

1500 watts (120 volt version)

1800 W (230 VAC version)

Internal fuses (CU)

120 VAC / 60 Hz: T15AH125V

230V / 50Hz: T10AH250V

Sample size

0.5-3 g depending on the sample 65 ml (cellulose fingers 33×80 mm)

Measurement range



According to officially approved methods


+/- 1% ratio or better (5-100% fat)

Extraction time

Usually 45-60 minutes depending on the sample

Solvent volume

40-110 ml depending on the cup

Solvent recovery

Normally 80%

Capacity in each category

6/12 Position

Daily capacity

42/84 samples (a bunch of 12.6 without out-of-hours care)



Temperature range

0-285 °C

Warm-up time

From 20-285 degrees Celsius in 5 minutes (230 volts)

Requirements for installing Soxhlet device

Soxtec™ 8000


100-120 VAC 50 / 60Hz or 200-240 VAC 50 / 60Hz depending on the version ordered

Water supply

A faucet – to cool the water

Cooling water

2 liters per minute, minimum flow of 25 degrees Celsius


Sink to cool water


The main power smoke hood is connected to the air flow, which must be at least 0.5 meters per second




Up to 2000 meters


5-40 °C

relative humidity

Maximum 80%

Transient overvoltage

The second category

Degree of contamination


Protection class


These laboratory equipments are CE marked and comply with the following instructions:

• Electromagnetic Compatibility Guidelines (EMC) 2004/108 / EC
• Low Voltage (LVD) Instruction 2006/95 / EC
• Machinery Directive (MD) 2006/42 / EC
• Packaging and packaging waste Directive 94/62 / EC
• WEEE Directive 2002/96 / EC

Price of automatic Soxhlet machine

Due to the price fluctuations of Soxhlet machine, please contact Daneshvar Shimi Company, an importer of laboratory equipment, laboratory and research equipment, and chemicals. Our experts are ready to answer you. Daneshvar Shimi Company also has the ability to supply spare parts for laboratory equipment and laboratory devices purchased by the centers that have problems.

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