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heating mantle

The heating mantle is one of the general laboratory equipments that offers the following versatility: Suitable for many laboratory purposes: extraction, distillation, digestion, evaporation and so on. 6 separate thermal controls that allow the same project to be used for several different projects or multiple executions. Balloon oven oven in connection with the interchangeable top mold for round bottom balloons.

اجاق شوف بالن

Types of heating mantle

Model E-6 Six separate thermal controls with turn

Internal temperature regulator

6 For 6 places, 220 volts (115 volts on request), 2700 watts (6 × 450 watts)

Approximate temperature: 40 – 450 ° C

● 85 mm hot plate.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 80x17x20 cm

● Accessories:

. Aluminum top mold for round bottom balloons up to 250 ml / 500 ml for extraction machine.
 Digital temperature control.
6 interchangeable aluminum top molds for round bottom balloons up to 100 ml or 250 to 500 ml (Kjeldahl balloons 500-800 ml) ● 4 holding rods 800 x 12 mm. It has 4
E- 4 clamps as described above, but for 4 locations 220V 1800W (4x450W). (WxHxD): 60x17x20 cm.

اجاق شوف بالن


Nickel-chrome heating element
coil type: Acid resistant, long life of
highly processed aluminum case, strong standing, easy to carry and usability in magnetic stirrer.
Lower specification includes
three support rods and two hooks for convenience of space saving .
CE certified and unique serial number for tracking.

Analog Model

Digital Model

Temp. range








up to 750°C







up to 750°C







up to 650°C


up to 1600rpm






up to 650°C


up to 1600rpm




Kjeldal K series multi-unit macro device

Model K-6 

Maximum 6 flasks ● 220 volts (or 110 volts), 6 × 550 watts ● Dimensions: (WxHxD) 80x19x20 cm (D includes rear bracket for support rod) ● Net weight: 6.8 kg.

Model K-4

250 For 250 to 1000 ml balloons.
● Leakage – stainless steel.
Less Stepless – Heat control.
● Operating temperature: up to 750 degrees Celsius.
● Includes 4 retaining rods and 4 clamps.
 Durable body is chemically resistant.
 Internal electronic controller regulates the temperature of the element. Up to 750 ° C, 2 ranges: low n high.
. Sturdy aluminum construction allows the units to be operated if extraction and distillation processes are required.
““ Heat on ”light for each gap indicates when power is supplied to the heater.
● For maximum operator protection, the models are grounded if the balloon falls or breaks.
● The units are designed with an internal stainless steel cladding that provides electrical and mechanical protection against spillage n for easy cleaning.
● Lower profile for space saving convenience.
 Ideal for repeated extraction (Kjeldal, Soxhlet and other extraction methods), reflux and laboratory distillation applications.
 Internal analog controller system.
N n-clamp bars are provided as standard.
● Ideal for round balloons of all brands.
. Highly processed aluminum case, offers a firm stand and easy to move.



دستگاه سوماتیک سل کانتر

Somatic cell counter device

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Somatic counter counter device for counting milk somatic cells

دستگاه کجلدال

Caldeal system of digestion and distillation

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Caldeal system for digestion and distillation to measure protein


Soxhlet device

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Soxhlet device for measuring fat

دستگاه اندازه گیری فیبر و ADF/NDF

Automatic raw fiber machine

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Raw fiber device for measuring fiber, ADF and NDF

دستگاه میلکواسکن شیر

Milk scan machine

Application: Milk Fraud Laboratory

Milk autoanalyzer to detect milk fraud by FTIR method

دستگاه اندازه گیری فیبر و ADF/NDF

Valve centrifuge

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Milk centrifuge to separate fat from milk

دستگاه کرایوسکوپ

Chryscope device

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Chryscope device for measuring water added to milk

بوتیرومتر شیر و پنیر و خامه

Butterometer milk, cheese and cream

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Milk butyrometers for milk, cheese, cream and butter

دستگاه انکوباتور

Incubator device

Application: Milk Fraud Laboratory

Incubator for cell and microbial culture

هود شیمیایی آزمایشگاهی

Laboratory chemical hood

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Chemical hood to remove chemical vapors from the laboratory

هود میکروبی لامینار

Laminar microbial hood

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Microbial hood for purification and removal of organic agents

آون - فور - خشک کن

Avon-four machine

Application: Milk and Dairy Laboratory

Oven or oven machine for drying laboratory equipment

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